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siren_ic's Journal

bitch trog anarchistic freak
13 October
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hey there,

writer/ student/ etc. wil add more but distracted for now...
alcoholic coffee, arson for dummies, baileys induced comas, baileys induced sex frenzies, big noses, boyfriend's aftershave, boyfriend's cleavage, bush shagging blairs, cats playing poker, cereal killing rice krispies, cleavage, correcting spellings, cyber mucus, cyber mushrooms, daddy's credit card, daddy's debit card, deep frying hamsters, electrocuting hamsters, friends on arsenic, giving people mumps, gollum, green shiny stuff, hair dying, hard hats, history, lazy people, left wing propagandists, long haired bearded ladies, mansonites on toast, men with long eyelashes, michael jackson, mmmm chicken, muppets on drugs, pinhead, politics, pretty shiny things, reindeer droppings, right wing mutants, satanic chickens, saying dude, scaring children with breadsticks, scarring children with breadsticks, shaving hairy grannies, shaving hairy legs, sleeping, soft hats, spaghetti mansonites on toast, spaghetti on wheels, tree huggers, tree hugging bears, trees, unnatural redheads, wine, wolves, writing crap, your credit card, your debit card, your momma, yuk leonardo d'oh crappio, yum johnny depp