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first entry [Dec. 3rd, 2004|08:53 pm]
bitch trog anarchistic freak
[mood |predatory]

Once there was a man/ Who had a little too much... time on his hands/ He didn't stop to notice he was getting older...

Right to business. First slightly pissed by the person who stole my alias since 1999 - SirenIc. My created name made from siren and scenic - a potent from sight and sound which was my thought for a name when i was gonna right lyrics for a band. But there you are, bit of needless history there.

Gonna try to write a stream on here a day. So here we go....

Faded Light

Chasm opens and the mind closes
Last moment and first doom
For the cold light penetrates
Beyond all you are

Cold moments and warming frost
First to the scene and deadly to leave
No where to run
No one to hide
Calling to the empty stretches
And beyond your calling palm...
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